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US Regional Passport Agencies Ranked from Best to Worst

photograph of the Arkansas Passport Center front entrance with a flowering bush in the foreground

Regional Passport Agencies are essential for US citizens in need of expedited passport services. There are 26 such agencies spread across the United States and Puerto Rico, designed to assist with urgent and emergency passport applications.

If you need to travel internationally on short notice, you will need to visit one of these regional agencies or hire a reputable passport expediter to make and attend an appointment for you.

While each regional agency technically performs the same tasks, your experience at these agencies can vary significantly in terms of processing speed, customer service, and appointment availability.

Key Takeaways

According to visitors who have had to apply for passports at these regional agencies, there are several locations that outperform the rest:

Similarly, there are three agencies that struggle the most with customer satisfaction:

a bar graph showing the weighted averages of visitor reviews of the 26 regional passport agency locations in the US

Table of Contents

Methodology: How We Assessed the Agencies

In an effort to objectively rank the best and worst regional passport agencies, we compiled data from Yelp and Google Reviews, creating weighted averages of the agencies’ ratings. This approach considers both the average score and the volume of reviews, providing a comprehensive view of each agency’s performance from the perspective of real visitors.

While online reviews generally tend to skew negatively (studies show people are more likely to take the time to complain about poor service than compliment positive experiences) there is a subjectively healthy balance between positive and negative feedback for each location.

This data-driven analysis highlights some notable variations in service quality and efficiency that bears out when considered alongside the subjective feedback from online reviewers.

Why This Regional Passport Agency Review Data Matters

If you need a passport fast, there is no rule that says you have to visit the regional agency closest to where you live. Many of these locations are concentrated on the coasts or along the southern border states.

California and Texas each have 3 regional agencies a piece, while 30 states don’t have a single one. This means that for many Americans in need of a passport quickly, visiting any regional agency involves traveling for hours, if not days.

With that comes costs. You need to account for things like lodging, food, and transportation expenses. Furthermore, these agencies are only open on weekdays, so time off from work is an additional cost to account for.

Getting to the agency is only half the hassle. Once you apply at a regional agency, you may still have to wait for several days before your passport is ready for pickup and you can return home.

This all adds up to a substantial investment of time and money, so choosing the right agency location matters.

Whether you opt to travel to a regional agency on your own or hire a passport courier service to go for you, the differences in service and customer satisfaction across these locations should be part of considering the right agency for your expedited passport needs. The amount of time and money you spend as well, as your ability to travel abroad, may hang in the balance.

Top 3 Regional Passport Agencies

If any of these regional agencies are within reach for you, they are likely to provide you with a positive and speedy passport application expediting experience.

There is always the potential for a delay or hiccup at any regional passport agency but, based on our experiences and those of the online reviewers who have left feedback, these are three locations where negative experiences tend to be the exception, not the rule.

1st – Buffalo Passport Agency (Buffalo, NY)

Weighted Average Rating: 4.77 out of 5

The Good…

The Buffalo Passport Agency is praised for its efficiency, organization, professionalism, friendly, helpful staff, and timely service.

Numerous reviews highlight the Buffalo Passport Agency’s quick turnaround times for urgent, last-minute applications.

Positive Review Highlights:
  • “The customer service at the Buffalo Passport Agency exceeded my expectations. The staff were incredibly friendly and helpful, making me feel comfortable and confident throughout the passport application process. They were efficient and organized, ensuring that everything was completed in a timely manner. I left the agency feeling grateful for their fantastic service and impressed by their professionalism.” (Aho, Google review)
  • “I’ve often been underwhelmed by government services for most of my life but was pleasantly surprised by the sharp, efficient service at the Buffalo Passport Office. The appointments available were plentiful and convenient notwithstanding my 3-hour drive from Cleveland. When I arrived 90 minutes early, I was immediately greeted by Officer Yareliz. She reviewed my renewal application immediately and squired me through the process quickly and with the most welcoming demeanor. Needing same-day service, I was accepted, paid by credit card, and told to come back at 2 p.m. that afternoon. At 1:50 p.m. I re-entered the Passport Office and within two minutes I was called up to a window and presented with a new passport. The hideous picture is entirely my fault but my faith in government service is restored (at least in Buffalo). The Buffalo Passport Office and its staff really are terrific.” (Mr. Yen, Google review)
  • Hands down the BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE ever received from any Government Agency. All staff from security to all clerks and representatives were extremely professional and courteous. The lines flowed easily and all customers were handled with care. Thank you! I traveled from VA for my one-day expedited passport service! 5 stars across the board!!” (Cleopatra, Google review)
  • “BPA literally saved my international travel plans. I realized my passport had expired 4 days before I was scheduled to travel. I found out Buffalo was the closest location with appointments in time to get me what I needed. I hopped on a flight and crossed my fingers. Everyone, starting with the security, was amazing. It was as if they genuinely wanted to help me! When they said to come back at 4 pm for my new passport, I said my flight back home was at 2:40, and guess what?! They had my passport done at 1 pm. Don’t cancel your international travel plans because you think you can’t get a passport soon enough. This place will hook you up!“ (Amanda, MD, Yelp review)
  • EXTREMELY FRIENDLY! This place was professional, the staff was friendly and they delivered in the promised time frame. I got to enjoy my last-minute vacation and traveled through Europe. Thank you! (Renata R., CT, Yelp review)
  • Extremely helpful, fast, and efficient. I cannot recommend this office enough (if you’ve forgotten to renew or lost your passport). Thank you for saving my holiday plans.” (Ryan W., FL, Yelp review)

The Bad…

There is limited negative feedback for the Buffalo Passport Agency. The negative reviews are primarily concerning the agency’s removal of the online appointment booking system, which the U.S. Department of State directly addressed in responses like the ones below.

Negative Review Highlights:
  • “Horrible system of scheduling appointments. Not sure where all these positive reviews came from but ultimately it’s just an extremely inefficient system. Banning online appointments due to “automation” taking them is a horrible excuse for the fact that they take forever to answer calls and suggest everything BUT the Buffalo location.” (Dante B., Yelp review)
  • RESPONSE: “Hello Dante. We removed the online appointment booking system to ensure our limited, last-minute in-person passport appointments at one of our agencies go to applicants who need them for urgent travel. You can schedule an appointment if you have urgent travel within 14 calendar days or need a visa within 28 days. Check appointment availability by calling 1-877-487-2778 / TDD/TTY 1-888-874-7793. Unfortunately, we are unable to guarantee that an appointment will be available in time for travel, so you may want to expand your search by looking at agencies outside of your local area.” (U.S. Department of State, Yelp review response)

Why the Buffalo Passport Agency is a Top Choice

Overall, the Buffalo Passport Agency is highly commended for its exceptional customer service, efficiency, and professionalism. The agency’s staff, including security personnel, are consistently praised for their friendly, helpful, and professional conduct. They have been particularly successful in handling urgent, last-minute applications, often delivering passports within the same day of application, which has been a lifesaver for many travelers with expired passports close to their travel dates.

Despite some criticism over the removal of the online appointment booking system, the agency has effectively addressed these concerns by prioritizing in-person appointments for urgent needs and offering scheduling options over the phone. Overall, the agency has received overwhelmingly positive reviews and is highly praised for its commitment to customer satisfaction.

2nd – Arkansas Passport Center (Hot Springs, AR)

Weighted Average Review Rating: 4.41 out of 5

The Good…

The Arkansas Passport Center is recognized for its great customer service, efficiency, professionalismkind and informative staff, and prompt service.

Reviews frequently commend the straightforward and hassle-free process for those with scheduled appointments and the proper documentation with them.

Positive Review Highlights:
  • “I had a very positive experience because I had an appointment and all of the requested documentation ready to go. I was scheduled to leave the country the next day and had lost my passport in a very stupid way. I explained the embarrassing circumstances and the staff was kind, efficient, and understanding despite immense pressure from a room full of very stressed-out people with the same urgent needs. I did not arrive expecting to receive a passport that same day and was very grateful to bring one home.” (Jill, Google review)
  • “Great team. I drove 5 hrs to get my daughter’s passport a day before our flight, these people knew what they were doing and were extremely efficient and friendly.” (Karim, Google review)
  • “Everyone was very nice. There were lots of people, but that’s understandable considering it’s the week before spring break. But they got us in pretty quickly and then we had to wait a couple of hours to be able to get our passports the same day. That was only because our departure date is in 2 days, or we would have had to get them expedited and mailed to us in 3-7 days.” (Brigid, Google review)
  • “Had a great experience overall. Everyone in that office building was friendly and professional. I highly recommend this place to get your passport. I recommend going here early since they accept first come first serve NOT by your appointment time. So, get there 30 minutes to an hour early and you should be good. If you have only 72 hours left for your international trip, you can get your passport on the same day.” (Alyssa, Google review)

The Bad…

The majority of negative reviews are from those who did not book an appointment in advance or from those who did not arrive before their scheduled appointment.

The Arkansas Passport Center requires an appointment for service and works on a first-come, first-served basis. There are also a few mentions of the remote location.

Negative Review Highlights:
  • Be at least 30 minutes early (or more) because you pull a number when you get inside and that’s the order they call people back- not by appt time! … Hot Springs is approximately one hour away from Little Rock and taxicab services along with Ubers are practically unreliable and nonexistent.” (Jenn B., Yelp review”)

Why the Arkansas Passport Center is a Top Choice

The Arkansas Passport Center is highly praised for its excellent customer service, efficiency, and professionalism. The staff is recognized for being kind, informative, and prompt. They operate on a first-come, first-served basis, so arriving early is recommended.

The majority of negative reviews stem from those who did not book an appointment in advance or arrive early. However, the process is straightforward and hassle-free for those with scheduled appointments and the necessary documentation. The center is capable of issuing passports on the same dayespecially for urgent cases.

3rd – El Paso Passport Agency (El Paso, TX)

Weighted Average Review Rating: 4.36 out of 5

The Good…

The El Paso Passport Agency is highly commended for its exceptional customer service, efficiency, reliability, and professionalism. The staff is recognized for being kind, sympathetic, supportive, and knowledgeable.

Positive experiences with urgent and emergency passport issuance were noted in reviews.

Positive Review Highlights:
  • “I am beyond grateful for all the very kind, sympathetic, and professional staff at the El Paso passport agency! Even though my passport date was still valid, it was shy of the 90 days beyond [expiry] required to enter Switzerland. I didn’t find out until I was trying to check in on my United app 24 hours prior to my flight! So blessed that I was able to get an appointment at 8:00 AM and flew from San Antonio to El Paso the night before. With my flight to Switzerland at 2:30 PM that SAME day, they were able to complete the entire process, and I had my new passport in hand by 10:30 AM, plenty of time to get to my altered flight from El Paso. Otherwise, it would have ruined my Thanksgiving vacation with my son!” (Ann, Google review)
  • “Thank you, El Paso passport agency, for being so incredibly amazing today!!! We needed a passport fast for my daughter to make our Christmas family trip to Italy on the SAME day as our appointment. Our appointment was at 7:30 and by 11 am we had her new passport in our hands. We are forever grateful for the expedited service and hospitality. Their customer service is excellent. THANK YOU for saving our trip!! And lots of tears!” (Christina, Google review)
  • Lifesavers. After unsuccessfully struggling for months to get my passport, the folks here went above and beyond to get mine to me before my very soon coming trip to England. Here I am sitting in London thanks to all their hard efforts. Very kind, and helpful folks.” (Cerise C., Yelp review)
  • “Just left the El Paso Passport Agency. What a surprisingly amazing experience. They are super-efficient and the staff, top to bottom, were outstanding and friendly. Keep up the good work. I had an appointment at 8:00, was processed by 8:10, and had my Passport in hand at 11:15. Thank you so much for your hard work. You are running a well-oiled machine.” (Nate, Google review)

The Bad…

There are limited negative reviews for the El Paso Passport Agency. The majority of negative reviews concern customers showing up for service with the wrong form or documentation. Some negative reports are related to mail-in processing issues.

Negative Review Highlights:
  • “Drove a total of 20 hours with my kids because El Paso was the only appointment available. I had all the right documentation needed to receive my child’s passport. They insisted I have the 3053 when I received a letter in the mail requesting 5525 and that’s exactly what I had.” (Say, Google review)

Why the El Paso Passport Agency is a Top Choice

The El Paso Passport Agency is highly recommended for its excellent customer service, efficiency, and professionalism. The staff’s kindness and expertise in passport issuance are frequently highlighted.

The agency is particularly commended for its ability to handle urgent passport needs effectively, often delivering passports on the same day. However, some customers reported issues when they arrived with the wrong forms or were missing documentation as well as issues with mail-in processing.

Overall, the El Paso Passport Agency is recognized for its exceptional service and dedication to customer satisfaction.

Bottom 3 Regional Passport Agencies

While many regional agencies strive to provide efficient and satisfactory services, there are a few that may not meet your expectations. These agencies might pose challenges in terms of delays or complications in the passport application process.

Remember, every agency has its ups and downs, but based on our experiences and the feedback from online reviewers, these three locations have been identified where negative experiences are unfortunately more common than at others.

24th – Miami Passport Agency (Miami, FL)

Weighted Average Review Rating: 2.90 out of 5

The Bad…

The Miami Passport Agency is one of the busiest regional passport agencies in the country. For travelers trying to get out of the country, this results in long wait times to get appointments and applications processed.

Making matters worse for those who are able to get an appointment, there is a consistent pattern of complaints about poor customer service.

Negative Review Highlights:
  • “For as much as it costs to get same-day passports, it should not take 4 hours to get our passports. Absolutely horrible. The workers aren’t kind either to make it worse. I’d recommend not waiting to do this and sending it off.  Definitely cheaper and way more efficient.” (Morgan, Google review)
  • “To say I have never experienced such awful service in my life would be an understatement. This establishment is completely mismanaged. Said mismanagement ended up costing me thousands of dollars for missing a nonrefundable international flight because my passport was not completed within the agreed-upon timeline on their own website. And yes, I called for a same-day appointment every day, multiple times a day, from day 14 until the day my flight left without me. I called my local congressman, my state governor, and virtually any person who would pick up the phone to no avail. It is truly an embarrassment for the United States government to provide such inadequate service to its own citizens and a horrible reflection on this country’s administration.” (Julia, Google review)
  • If I could give 0 stars I would. They made us wait until the day of to make our appointment and WE MISSED OUR FLIGHT! Our appointment was at 9:30 AM and they told us to come back at 1 PM to pick up our passports. Mind you our flight was at 3:15 PM… we finally got our passports at 2:30 pm…I think it’s ridiculous they made us wait until the day of, knowing how long the process takes. If you do same-day passports make sure you have a LATE flight.” (Grace, Yelp review)
  • “The issue isn’t the wait, which can happen, it’s the lack of consideration towards the US citizens who have a right to receive the best possible service, for the tax resources they contribute to this government. I and a group of 6 people waited for over 4 hours after our appointment time, without anyone giving us a status, after they took our receipts. Only after we all had enough and asked, were we informed of a “printing issue” for the passports. Why not inform people? Why sit behind the glass laughing as women and children just sit and wait exhausted? What kind of consideration is that? The security guards were polite. Just unprofessional and inconsiderate.” (TL, Google review)

The Good…

It’s not all bad. As with most customer-service situations, your experience hinges on who ends up helping you. Some reviewers appreciated the helpfulness of individual staff members.

Positive Review Highlights:
  • “I was pleased to see how nice and efficient the staffing was. The process was smooth. Made my appointment online, and brought my application, old passport, photo, and the fee for the passport. The agent told me to come back at 12 pm, by 12:37 pm I got my passport. Just know that when you come in to get the passport, they call your name randomly.” (Ana, Google review)

Why the Miami Passport Agency is Not a Top Choice

The Miami Passport Agency has received mixed reviews. On the positive side, some reviewers have appreciated the helpfulness of individual staff members and the efficiency of the passport application process—as long as they can book an appointment, arrive early, and have the proper documentation.

However, the Miami Passport Agency has consistently received low ratings for long wait times and poor customer service. Many reviewers have reported mismanagement, lack of consideration, and inadequate communication about delays. Some customers have even missed their flights due to the lengthy processing times.

In general, the Miami Passport Agency’s service quality is often regarded as unsatisfactory and inconsistent.

25th – National Passport Center (Portsmouth, NH)

Weighted Average Review Rating: 2.80 out of 5

The Bad…

There are few things worse than losing your identifying or citizenship documents. It raises concerns about identity theft and potential lengthy bureaucratic nightmares trying to get them replaced. Unfortunately, this is one of the persistent complaints at the National Passport Center in New Hampshire. Many visitors shared accounts of having their documents lost or facing challenges with missing documentation.

Other visitors echoed complaints about the difficulty of getting an appointment or reaching agents for support via phone.

Negative Review Highlights:
  • They lost my passport…just got a letter saying my passport wasn’t included in my renewal packet when it 1,000,000% was. Not to mention this comes A MONTH after they received my renewal application, and I paid for expedited service. Spent two hours on hold at their 877 number to be told I’ve got to submit lost passport paperwork and pay even MORE money.” (Kelly, Yelp review)
  • “Submitted my passport renewal, containing my ONE AND ONLY old passport. I received a letter stating they received my renewal application, my check (which was deposited and cleared quickly), and that I needed to send my old passport for them to renew. IT WAS WITH THE INITIAL PAPERWORK! I have now had to start over as a new applicant, … So now I have had to pay a processing fee on another application, get a new photo, and I assume I will not get my other passport book returned to me as advised. Very disappointed in this.” (L.K., Yelp review)
  • “Submitted passport renewal Called yesterday and paid to expedite. But I got a letter today saying they need a certified copy of my marriage certificate which I had already included. Why wouldn’t they tell me there was a problem with my passport when I spoke to them yesterday? I called again today after the letter, and she said I have to comply with the letter and submit that. I only had one certified copy and they already have it! Not sure what to do now. Was told I have to wait 5 days before travel then I can drive 4 hours to my nearest passport agency if I can get an appointment. Seriously??!” (Miss M, Google review)
  • “Just got a letter in the mail after 16 weeks of awaiting a passport. Unfortunately, “you did not sign your application when you appeared before the passport acceptance agent.” I’m not sure what exactly went wrong but I can assure the two employees of the post office who submitted my application did review the application. Thankfully they sent a brand-new application requesting all new documentation, except I don’t have my birth certificate that was submitted with the original application. This experience is so distasteful of how poorly managed a government-funded agency truly is with not a single person to hold accountable. (Scott A., Google review)

The Good…

Much like other agency locations, there’s always a chance everything works out and you get satisfactory, or even exceptional, service. This bears out in the reviews for the Portsmouth agency as there is occasional praise for efficient processing (for those who were able to secure an appointment).

Positive Review Highlights:
  • “I visited the passport office a couple of weeks ago during a travel emergency. I had a death in the family and had to travel to Canada within the next few days. I had gotten married about a month before and already sent my application in to change the name on my passport to my new last name, which necessitated sending my old passport with it. I called to have the passport expedited but wasn’t given a guarantee that it would arrive in time, so I decided to go in person to the Portsmouth office. The negative reviews scared me, but I had a very positive experience.

    I didn’t have my birth certificate with me and obviously didn’t have my old passport. Everyone at the office was friendly and understanding. The security guard there was particularly lovely, but I didn’t catch his name. They looked up my application online and found out my application was already at their office. Apparently, the majority of passports go through this office.

    It took them a while to find the application in the warehouse, but once they did, they assured me I would get a new passport that day. It took a while (about 5 hours), but I left that day with a passport! If you are ever in a bind and need to travel, I would recommend this office to get a passport quickly! I recommend calling the automated line to make an appointment, if possible (that phone line is very annoying to deal with), but they definitely took people without appointments as well. (Katie O., Yelp review)

Why the National Passport Center is Not a Top Choice

The National Passport Center in Portsmouth, NH, has garnered some praise for its occasional efficient processing once appointments are secured. However, this passport center has faced numerous complaints regarding communication difficulties and recurring issues with lost or missing documentation during passport renewal via mail. Dissatisfied customers have expressed frustration over additional expenses and inconveniences incurred due to misplaced paperwork, highlighting a lack of accountability and dissatisfaction with the agency’s management.

26th – New Orleans Passport Center (New Orleans, LA)

Weighted Average Review Rating: 2.71 out of 5

The Bad…

Moreso than any other agency, the New Orleans Passport Center reviews are particularly negative. The dominant concerns are over very slow processing and unhelpful customer service.

Negative Review Highlights:
  • “I applied on April 10th. Paid for expedited processing and express FedEx shipping. They said 7-9 weeks it’s been 9 weeks and worst of all you can’t even find out what the delay is or where they are in the process. We saved for a long time for a vacation and for a US Citizen who pays taxes to NOT receive their passport in time and now lose the money they spent on a vacation is just awful. No one seems to care. No one will help. They don’t even allow you to call the agency that’s processing your application. I have been trying to get an in-person appointment and nothing has been available in 2 weeks. So ridiculous and it’s embarrassing that the US State Department can’t do better!” (Tricia, Google review)
  • “Just FYI, this doesn’t work. We had to cancel our trip. They won’t respond to congressmen/senators. Of course, as our luck would have it we got approved the day after we planned to leave for our trip. Received them in the mail a whole week later. I absolutely loved losing $3000 in trip fees.” (Mollyanne, Yelp review)
  • THE WORST PASSPORT OFFICE IN THE COUNTRY. I had applied for a passport in March. It took a week for the post office to send in my application. My passport was sent to be made at the New Orleans office where I live. However, I was told my passport would arrive in 8-11 weeks. My trip to Mexico was on June 18th. It was now 10 days before my trip and still no passport. I had to call the passport center number every day and be put on hold for 2-3 hours each time just to pay for expedited shipping and 1-2 day shipping and then be told there was nothing else I could do. Eventually, my trip was only 2 days away and I still didn’t have a passport.

    I had to email my local congressman and a woman at his office somehow by some miracle called me back and said I could pick up my passport later that day. When I went to the office HALF OF THE PEOPLE WERE SITTING AROUND LAUGHING NOT DOING ANYTHING. When I was told I could go to the window the staff looked right at me and ignored me for several minutes until one lady came to speak to me. I explained that I had received an email and a call from a congressman’s office to pick up my passport to which she replied, “That won’t help you here.” I showed her the email and after a while, she gave me an envelope containing my passport. WHICH MEANS IT WAS JUST SITTING THERE 30 MINUTES AWAY FROM MY HOUSE WHEN IT COULD HAVE BEEN SENT TO ME. The staff here is rude and lazy. If it is possible to have your passport made literally anywhere else you should do it, even if it’s on the other side of the country, they could get it to you faster than these people.” (Spencer, Google review)
  • Absolutely ridiculous! You better apply 6 months in advance if you want any chance of getting your passport on time! Paid for expedited service, it’s been 10 weeks and nothing. Reached out to my congressman as well. They e-mailed the passport center as well. Called the number 3 times. First 2 calls, the message said that they were busy and to call at a later time then it hung up. 3rd call – was no hold for 84 minutes and it just hung up on. Having to cancel summer vacation.” (O A, Google review)

The Good…

It is important to acknowledge that even as the 26th rated agency out of 26, there were still a good deal of positive reviews of the New Orleans agency. Many negative reviews reveal mistakes made by the applicants (e.g. incorrect forms, failure to make an appointment, application errors, etc.) which are no fault of the agency.

That said, if you have other options, you may have better chances of success at another agency.

Positive Review Highlights:
  • “I had a last-minute wedding in Costa Rica to attend, so I called the 800 number to schedule an appointment with the passport center, went in the following day, and had my passport ready the same day. (Only do this within 2 weeks of travel)

    Everyone was so nice and helpful! I forgot to bring a passport picture, so the lady behind the counter told me to run down to the 3rd floor next to the deli and get a picture taken there for $30. I was so worried I wouldn’t be able to get my passport in time, but it all worked out!! My advice is to be nice to the folks working there, and they’ll help you out! Also, try to get an appointment first thing in the morning, you’ll have your passport by 2 pm!” (Thomas, Yelp review)

Why the New Orleans Passport Center is Not a Top Choice

The New Orleans Passport Center has faced significant criticism primarily concerning slow processing times and unhelpful customer service. Multiple reviewers complained about delays in receiving passports despite paying for expedited processing and shipping, resulting in missed vacations and financial losses.

There were frustrations over the inability to get timely updates or assistance, with some mentioning unsuccessful attempts to schedule in-person appointments. Furthermore, there were complaints about staff attitudes, inefficiencies, and poor communication. In summary, many reviews suggest seeking passport services elsewhere to avoid delays and inconveniences.

Alternatives: The Case for Passport Expediters

Considering the variability in agency ratings and the potential for significant wait times or service issues, many travelers find that using a passport expediter is a more reliable, faster, and cost-effective solution.

These travel document services specialize in navigating the complexities of the passport application process, leveraging their expertise and relationships with agencies to ensure the quickest possible turnaround times. For those with tight deadlines or seeking peace of mind, investing in a passport expediter can often be a worthwhile decision.

Passport Expediters Can Save You Time

As we’ve discussed, applying at a regional agency typically involves securing an appointment, traveling to the agency, waiting hours or days for your application to be processed, and traveling back home.

Handing all of these steps over to a professional passport courier means you can use that time for other things like work, leisure, or other travel preparations.

Passport Expediters Can Save You Money

When you calculate in the sum of all the costs involved in a regional passport agency appointment, the total can quickly exceed the amount you would spend in fees to hire an expediter.

Before choosing to go it alone, be sure to account for all of the following:

  • Time off from work
  • Transportation costs (gas, tolls, parking, public transit, etc.)
  • Food
  • Lodging

Everyone’s situation is different, but you may find that visiting a regional agency yourself  isn’t as cost effective as it may seem.

Passport Expediters Can Reduce Stress

Don’t underestimate how stressful applying for a passport can be, particularly if you are in a rush. While passport expediters can help simplify the process of getting a passport for any applicant, they are particularly well suited for getting passports quickly for those with urgent travel needs.

For more about what passport expediting services can do to help with your passport and travel document needs, be sure to check out our Ultimate U.S. Traveler’s Guide to Passport Expediters.

If you’re in a rush, you can skip ahead to our curated directory of the top passport expediting services.

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