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Top Passport Expediting Services with Multiple Locations

Getting a passport quickly is a critical step when you need to travel internationally. Passport expediters play a vital role in streamlining this process, offering a fast track through the maze of paperwork and bureaucracy. The key to a smooth experience lies not only in choosing a service that is reliable and efficient but also in considering their physical locations.

In this article we will unpack why you should consider location when deciding the best passport expediter for your needs. We will also share, based on our over 20 years of helping readers like you with their travel document questions, some of the best expediting services based on the number and whereabouts of their offices.

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Why Passport Expediter Locations Matter

As a rule, most passport expediting services operate near one or multiple regional passport agencies. These 27 regional office locations, spread across the US and Puerto Rico, are the only place you can get an urgent passport application processed within 2 weeks or less. They require appointments as walk-ins are strongly discouraged (and usually unsuccessful).

While passport expediters have a level of travel document and bureaucratic experience most passport applicants don’t, these experts still have to go through this process of making and attending appointments at regional agencies.

For this reason, most expediting businesses are set up close to both large population centers and regional passport agency locations.

It makes sense: the shorter the distances between you and the expediter and the expediter and a passport agency, the less total transit time your application and newly issued passport will have to travel.

The Advantage of Choosing a Passport Expediter with Multiple Offices

An expediting service with multiple offices near multiple regional agencies can offer greater accessibility, flexibility, and speed. This can be a crucial factor in ensuring your travel plans remain on track. The reason for this may not be immediately obvious, but it truly does matter, particularly in times of high application volume.

After you hand over or mail your completed passport application and supporting documents to an expediter, they are responsible for making and attending an appointment at a regional passport agency on your behalf. If you are using a passport expediting service with only a single office, odds are, they are committed to using the regional agency nearest them.

However, the volume of applicants at each of the 27 regional agencies can and will vary day to day. This impacts the availability of appointments, and thus, how fast your application can get submitted and processed.

Consider this, real-life scenario:

You apply for a rushed passport through a passport expediter in New York City. The New York Regional Passport Agency doesn’t have any available appointments until next week. However, the Miami regional agency has openings. If your expediter has an office or couriers in Miami, it is feasible that your application could be sent there overnight, processed, and returned directly to you within 48-72 hours. This shaves valuable days off of your turnaround time compared to if your expediter waits for a New York agency appointment a week from now.

This same scenario is one consistently shared by both readers and expediters alike, countless times, year after year. Expediters are amazing resources to help people like you get a passport without delay, but they still are constrained by their ability to get your application to a regional agency with an available appointment to process it. They can’t cut the line, but the best expediting services can get your application into the best line available.

Ultimately, expediters with multiple offices near multiple regional passport agencies have more options for getting you your passport fast than those that don’t. This can make all the difference between being able to keep your international travel plans or having to cancel or reschedule them.

Top Passport Expediting Services

Here are some of the best passport expediters we recommend based not only on their overall quality, but also on the number and locations of their offices.

Travel Visa Pro

Travel Visa Pro has VIP offices in the following 7 cities:

  • New York City
  • San Francisco
  • Washington DC
  • Los Angeles
  • Houston
  • Seattle
  • Chicago

Each of these locations is also home to a Regional Passport Agency.

In addition, Travel Visa Pro offers 122 drop-off and pick-up offices in 122 more locations across the country.

Beyond their impressive nationwide reach, they offer tremendous value and customer service that you will be hard-pressed to find elsewhere. Travel Visa Pro’s coast-to-coast coverage combined with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau make it one of our top recommendations for a passport expediting service that you can trust to get your travel documents processed quickly and efficiently.

Click here to begin expediting your passport with Travel Visa Pro.


RushMyPassport has Regional Offices in the following 10 cities across the US:

  • Atlanta
  • Chicago
  • Houston
  • Los Angeles
  • Miami
  • New York City
  • Philadelphia
  • San Francisco
  • Washington DC
  • West Palm Beach

With the exception of West Palm Beach (their corporate headquarters) each of these offices is located in proximity of a Regional Passport Agency.

One of RushMyPassport’s greatest strengths is its partnership with over 2,000 FedEx Office locations across the US. This means there is likely a location near you that can accept your passport application and materials on behalf of RushMyPassport and get the process started.

It is worth noting, that your application package will still need to travel to a regional agency from wherever you submit it, but it stands to reason that a FedEx Office location is equipped to handle that task efficiently on both your and RushMyPassport’s behalf.

RushMyPassport’s variety of locations, with offices located near the 9 different Regional Passport Agency offices gives the expediting service the flexibility to get your application to the regional agency with the soonest appointment availability.

Other Passport Expediters with Multiple Offices

The following passport expediting services also boast a large number of offices located near a variety of regional passport agencies.

  • CIBT: A global leader in travel visa and passport services, CIBT boasts an extensive network of offices both in the US and abroad, making them a go-to for travelers worldwide. Their presence in key American cities like Houston, Washington DC, Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Miami enables them to offer swift, reliable service to passport applicants across the country.
  • G3 Visas: Known for its commitment to customer service, G3 Visas operates 8 offices across the United States. This wide footprint allows G3 to provide personalized, efficient service, ensuring that travelers’ needs are met promptly.
  • VisaHQ: Offering online passport and visa services complemented by physical offices across the US, Canada, the UK, Eqypt, and Dubai VisaHQ provides a seamless experience. Their global presence ensures that travelers anywhere can access their services quickly and efficiently.

Want to Learn More About Passport Expediters?

For over two decades we have helped readers learn about the passport application process, specifically how to get passports fast both with and without the help of passport expediting services.

More often than not, using a passport expediter means a faster, smoother, and simpler application experience.

Visit our Ultimate U.S. Traveler’s Guide to Passport Expediters to learn more about these travel document professionals including:

  • What expediters can and cannot do for you
  • Help deciding between getting help from an expediter and applying on your own
  • The top 5 criteria for choosing the best passport expediting service
  • Further recommendations for the best passport expediting services
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